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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not Only A Stiff Upper Lip

Youngest daughter - she who is still cute, and our Last Great Hope for the Future - she's always complaining that there ought to be more british comedies on US television. And I'm always complaining that BBC America (and its DVD division) has singularly failed to deliver us any Harry Enfield, or Fast Show, in all these past nine years. although it has to be said that Enfield has been appearing on BK commercials lately, in the guise of "Doctor Angus" or somesuch, which does not particulary endear him to the Bearded audience. What a waste!

Fortunately, there is the gift of YouTube: and I was at last able to introduce her to the delights of Mr Cholmondley-Warner and his sidekick Grayson:

Now, Cholmondley-Warner and his ilk bring back so many memories to the young Beardie and his black & white television days of old. One of them happily coinciding with yet another of Youngest's current fads:

The presenter in this case was the magnificent Huw Wheldon, a man of tremendous talents and intellect, and a manner with Edolescents that takes me right back to scout camp, and a meeting the Chief Scout himself.

I suppose my favorite line has to be "And what do you want to do when you grow-up, m'boy?"

But that's not who she squealed at while watching: "Ooh he's so cuuuuute!" - just as she does of the puppy. All those old T-shirts of mine: still getting the wear out of them, thirty years later.


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