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Monday, October 02, 2006

Picture of the Day

It is a measure, I suppose, of how far things have sunk that I visit Daily Kos most days. I said, long time ago, that W could never be forgiven for making the likes of dKos or Atrios appear they were right all along. So I can't say I agree much with the Kossacks political outlook, or strategery, or whatnots, but that's not the point. The fact is, I just can't bear to read any of the mealy-mouthed Bush or GOP apologists any more.

I have to ask, being a relative newcomer: has your political class always been this depraved and corrupt in America? I realise the Framers expected it, and wrote the Constitution as a way to curb their excess - but really, have they been? Or am I just being naive and stupid, or perhaps just too impatient - will the old girl save us yet, when the time is better and the pieces perfectly set?

And your "Press" - quoted in contempt - has it always been so worthless, so frightened? So scared to say "Boo!" in case, what, Karl Rove glowers at them? Your papers - they wouldn't last ten minutes in Britain. Neither would your Government.

But then, Brits don't have a sacred Constitution to throw around. Brits don't make their kiddies swear allegiance to the Queen every morning. Brits, bless 'em, can even boo their own National Anthem at sporting events (it is a dreadful dirge, after all).

But I'm wandering again: back to Kos. Though not renowned for their humor over there, kudos where it's due for coming up with this little beauty:

Seems to say it all, doesn't it.


Blogger Whisky Prajer said...

"Press" is just about right. It is indeed a sad day when pictures like this are worth considerably more than a thousand pardons ... erm, words from the boot-licks who put in a seven hour day (with extended coffee breaks) at the local paper mill.

4:50 AM  
Blogger DarkoV said...

Re.: "Press" - quoted in contempt - has it always been so worthless, so frightened? So scared to say "Boo!"
Ever since NAFTA was adapted, the production of cojones, specifically cojones del periodismo, has quickly disappeared in the USA. I believe negotiations have started between all of the major newspapers and they expect to have some cojones as soon as poll results consistently show that the Boogie Man (Karl Rove) is dead, or gone.

Until then, I'm relying on Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert to deliver their version of the inside news. I swallow this gunk more easily with humour.

9:24 AM  
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