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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Shamed to respond, finally, two months into a new year, with a jingling "Tap-Tap" from Madame-X.

Is this thing on?

Not hardly: I haven't had a day off in months, or a night off for that matter, being thoroughly-embroiled and entangled by panic of Work. Twenty-hour days with an occasional splat of exhaustion: such is the life I chose.

Writing tonight from another state, a faraway state, at the end of a course with an hour or two before dinner. The eve of our first, brief, vacation since the Red Sox wonthe World Series while we hooped-it up Midtown Manhattan. Sat in a cheapo grubby hotel somewhere in the Garden State where Enterprise car rental refused to deliver a car for my accompanying Goddess.

Did you know - you probably did, you bastards - that it is forbidden to Turn Left anywhere in New Jersey? What the heck is up with that? No Left Turn, not anywhere. Made for some interesting navigation of the mere half a mile between here, our hotel, and there, the company I've been visiting. Three miles that way before a mile-wide turn this way.

Anyhoo: we are not vacationing in Jersey, not even here in this small town whose name I misheard as Madame Hades: Persephone????? - thought it was the codename of a project? No: it's up wi' the craws in the morning, headin' oot for the airport at 5am for a train, not a plane, to the bad old City of Brotherly Love for a couple of days tourist-trailing and museum-hopping Downtown Philadelphia. At least I think it's Downtown - neither of us have been there before, so what the hell do we know? A nice hotel, it ought to be, and treading green footsteps of Benjamin Franklin and Continental Congress, and split-cast Liberty Bells. Mock all you like - as my workmate did, who remarked "Oh Philly? Isn't that the Garden of Delight."

Mock all you like; I don't care. I'm on vacation.



Blogger DarkoV said...

Is this working? Bombed out twice.

2:07 PM  
Blogger DarkoV said...

Let's try that again.
Philly is a cool town, regardless of the commentary of the riff-raffery. Got to go here as a prospective American citizen. Then, tromp over here, just a few blocks away (toward the river). Couple of great venues for a late soire of music are here, here, and here. In nedd of some sustenance AND some Opear singing? Victor's Cafe is the place for you.

..and good to read you again. Welcome back.

5:57 PM  
Blogger Whisky Prajer said...

Ah, Philly - isn't that the place that has white wooden rocking chairs in its airport? Enjoy your respite, FCB.

7:10 PM  
Blogger F.C. Bearded said...

Aah,but this is the life. Overlooking a Square I'm convinced I've seen in a movie, with the accompanying phrase:

"Is dey a problem, officer?"

No, no problem. Walked for hours this morning, since we arrived too early for our room. Ate a decidedly gourmet cheesesteak which, I am happy to report, was indeed smothered in cheese whizz as the legends said it would be, though it was "filet" and a very bad pun otherwise.

Thanks for the recommendations, D: my wife, bless her, is keener even than me to go looking for historical treasures. After a nap, that is - we've been on our feet since 3am.

12:39 PM  

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