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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Cast your minds back, oh long-time readers: any of you remember this, or this?

From XENOVERSE, JUNE 08, 2005...
Home again, at last. Not bad, all told?

To be clear, recall that we had to drive fifty freeway miles this morning to arrive at the Federal Building in Downtown L.A. by 8.15am, just to ask a question of the Immigration Service - or USCIS, as they are now known. I thought the "C" stood for "Customs", but it doesn't - "Citizenship".


Well, just thought I'd let you know we did get an answer to our query. We received it yesterday; some two/three months after my daughter receiver her actual Green Card and everything was cleared-up.

What did it say, this letter? It said "Re: your inquiry of Jun 8, we see from our files you got your card", in a nutshell.

They may indeed grind slow on occasion, but it is heartening to learn that the Wheels of Bureaucracy do indeed grind inexorably.


Anonymous madame l. said...

*ahem* tap tap. is this thing on?

3:10 AM  
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