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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Death To Everyone

New Word of the day: Mockney - the speaking in a Cockney accent that does not belong to you. Orwoight my sahn?

Rant of the day:

...Then there are stealth evangelists, ones who invite you to watch sport or go out for dinner and before you know it they are fucking praying away in public in a loud and praising way. They are terrible, terrible people. Then there are the "you are wrong" people who will not leave it, and a lot of those are atheists. You would think being an atheist was just that, being a godless person, but a lot of them are as pushily cunty about being an atheist as the God Squad or the loonie-toonies are about their respective cults. Some atheists will go on and on about fossils around religious ones that believe in the ark, or they will harp on about fucking Nietsche until you really could just shit. If there is no God, then fine, but going on and on and having a real go at the poor unfortunates who have some kind of a way of coping with the cruel old world, just makes these religious people think the atheists are threatened by their fuckwitted religious beliefs . Then they are on the rollercoaster of "I am right", the religious people...

Both from Emerald Bile, who LaVacheQuiLit reminded me of today. Not for the delicate of sensibility.


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