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Thursday, May 05, 2005


I have a lot of time for Andrew Sullivan, who kinda sorta wears his honesty on his sleeve, but when all is said and done, he's still a Tory.

And, to quote Pat Kane from many, many years ago, "There are no good Tories: there are only f*cking Tories."

Poor Andrew: this is exactly the kind of thing we used to say when Thatcher or Major won.

A Blair majority reduced to forty or fifty or however many it turns out to be (it's at twenty-three right now) is not a catastrophe by any means, but rather something to be celebrated: he'll have to be more careful now, more considerate of his own back benchers, and rather less presidential in his behavior. No bad thing: massive majorities, to my mind, are as dangerous as monopolies. So at worst, this brings politics in Britain back to normal - as I think Blunkett himself remarked?

And of course, the day will come soon enough when he - like her - will be tipped The Spot by his own swabs, and Long Gordy Brown will take over.

The worst part of this evening's results - which I find almost incomprehensible - is that Gorgeous George won a seat in Bethnel Green, in London? How anyone could vote for this dictator-loving sleazebag is beyond me. Shameful. But there you go. Wasn't me, anyone asks.

* Apologies for the nautical language, but I'm still recovering from this snapshot of a World of Warcraft crew of Pirates being chastised by an on-line monitor, and remaining entirely within character throughout. It's a Pirate Sign o' Respect, indeed. I'm sure I found this link on Boing-Boing, but for the life o' me, I can't find where?


Anonymous stephenesque said...

I'm sure Blair's reduced majority certainly shivered his timbers. I hope your Captain Brown steers a steadier rudder and keeps an even keel. Blair must soon walk the plank ... circling sharks .... the giant squid of political reputations ... Davy Jones' Locker of Politics, etc....

11:01 AM  
Blogger DarkoV said...

I tried reading the Pirate's Lament. When I opened up the jpg, the print was...quite minute. My eyes are failing me, but now theyre even insulting me! Is there a braille version of the conversation you're referring to?

11:57 AM  

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