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Friday, May 13, 2005

100 Words, or sumpthin'

Now this is an idea with potential?

Today's theme is a photo; we will all be writing our 100 words based on this. I picked this photo quite by accident. We were all supposed to come up with a random word (in a mad-lib kind of way) and then I would do a Google Image Search on that word and voila, we'd have our photo. Except when I plugged the combined words into the GIS nothing came up. So I did a text search, came up with a site in which the words second, green and pleasant were highlighted, plugged that into GIS and this is what we got. Click for bigger.

[Tipples to Michele, who's one of the contributors]

Reminds me a little of those e-mail games we used to play at work... you'd begin, very first time, with an unflattering portrait of a colleague and then contrive for them some hideous, seemingly unavoidable fate...

Their response, and the liturgy for all subsequent verses, begins with their escape, an unflattering portrait of you, and some catastrophic eruption of bullets or somesuch headed towards your pasty face.

Aah, The old days. Where are you, Big Nose?


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