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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Uneasy Lies The Head That Hears The Clock

Cocker-El-96.jpgATE TO BED, Late to rise - that's our motto: or it would be, should be in a righteous world, where none had work, nor pesky kids? Right now it's 4am and I'm still up and I'm still working: still coding and compiling. And writing this too on the off moments. I have just put the coffee on: have to time it right, because I have to wake my Love in twenty minutes so that she can be at her work by 6am, and it wouldn't do to hand her anything less than a fresh cuppa joe and a fresh cigarette first thing. Then, while she showers and prepares for the day, I'll to my bed at last, read for a coupla minutes 'till my eyelids drop and nod my way into Nod. I will probably be sleeping when she kisses me Goodbye?

-- * --

LATER, Little bit: awake again by 9am, stumble into clothes - just breeks and T-shirt for now - jumble and daze my way to the van, go collect the youngest from a sleepover in time for Grandma picking everybody up at 10. They go there Tuesdays after school but now it's Spring Break, the Holidays, just begun: they'll go there Allday and bug her to heyuhll.

I, meanwhile, have to go in today for some meetings and a seminar: No working from home for me this day - some things just cannot be attended-to remotely. Bugger.

Took a post post down before I left, moved it back a little ways in time: ashamed at having been provoked into writing it at all.

-- * --

LATER, Much later: home again, exhausted and at last. Sore as all hell from my back and my arm, crabbit as sin to boot. Cursing all traffic and drivers, all pain and interminable meetings; soooo need to crash, if only for an hour? I'll have to catch-up with my real work tonight.

-- * --

LATE TO BED, Early to rise - that's our reality. In this house of five teen-grown children, not a one of the little bastards would ever answer an alarm? Not without payment they won't? Five bucks and I'll wake ya yer arse: I'll do it mahsel.

And so it falls to me, the Elder, the gimpy Cripple with a stick, to wake them all up in the morning. She I wake gladly, willingly, cheerfully with coffee and with smokes. But THEM? Though I do like to shout, that Should Not Be So? They're young and in the prime of life - not me - they should be up and had their breakfast and oot the bloody door before I ever have to hobble out of bed? But no.

Better I should stay-up all night than try to awake at 5am. Uneasy lies the head that hears the clock.


Blogger DarkoV said...

Would the addled cliche, "Youth is wasted on the young" do? Or is "I'll sleep when I'm dead" more appropriate?

4:53 AM  
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