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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Strange Attractors

BerneOgre.jpgMuch as I may admire the sites of Tony Pierce and Stephenesque - two places where unusual, original writing flourish - neither quite manages the artistry or strangeness of Christopher Locke? Who once was Rage Boy; who once wrote Cluetrain Manifesto with Doc Searls; who now writes for gainful, as Chief Blogging Officer at High Beam Research?

His writing here is more accessible than perhaps it was at Entropy Gradient Reversals, but it retains that magical ability to follow the tangents, and to forge connections wholly unexpected that drew me in the first place. Plus, I'm a sucker for gorgeous imagery.

Back-to-back posts on the Rise of Firefox and The Scobelization of Microsoft offer a gentle introduction: but while you're there, why not take a look around?

I love Firefox myself, and detest Internet Explorer. It used to be I merely hated it because of all the pop-ups, but then my youngest was mown down, a hapless innocent, in a drive-by adware shooting. Since that carnage Exploder has not been welcome in this house, and anyone whose pointer maybe strays that way can expect a slap and an early bed.

My only quibble with the 'Fox is the way that its themes and extensions do not keep-up with its upgrades. Every time there is a new release, all my add-ons need to be re-installed, are often lost. A minor point, perhaps, but as you know: here in the Xenoverse we obsess at trivia, and ignore import?


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