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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Searching for Cairo Times

Still my favorite search engine, discovered many moons ago: The Cairo Times. The icon has changed - what once was rubble now are reeds, but the gist is the same.

Its front page and archives are having some difficulties today, so I'm wondering if perhaps some ill has befallen them? It is one of those newspapers that, while reading, leave you convinced that you are missing something: that you ought to be reading between the lines? I was never sure whether it was collaborative with Mubarak's, er, friendly advice to news editors or deeply sarcastic of it? Rather like many right-wing commentators here, one is never quite sure when they are being serious or merely taking the piss?

Enquiries must now be made... Google has nothing...

LATER: along the lines of "You're from Scotland? You must know my mother's cousin Archie McPhee?", I asked a son of Land of the Pharaohs, who promptly and curteously replied that he'd heard Cairo Times had been experiencing severe financial difficulties. Oh dear.


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