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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

One Day

One day this blog will be great.
One day it will have a thousand visitors every day.
One day they will visit me from every land and every domain.
One day they will arrive with excitement in their hearts.
One day they will ooh and aah at its original and esoteric content.
One day they will smile every day at the sly humor of its author.
One day they will come no longer to mock its carefully-wrought arguments.
One day they will come instead to love that he is always wrong and stupid.
One day they will meet a new post every day, thrilling as the one before.
One day it will be linked.
One day the author will finish-up his work.
One day the author shall find the time to post.
One day Bearded Fcb shall not be stuck for subjects, for:
One day Bearded shall keep-up with news and blogs like everybody else.
One day the name of Fcb shall spread beyond these tight-framed borders.
One day all will wonder: Who is Bearded, that hides behind a pseudonym?
One day they will know he hides to save his loved ones, because:
One day once famous he will write a post that's really, really stupid.
One day they will hurt, and not forgive.
One day after they will hound him through the Blogosphere.
One day Jeff Jarvis will tut-tut live On Air.
One day the New York Times shall paint him Fool.
One day he will answer It was ever thus, and you were warned.
One day this blog will be notorious.
One day every day they will come ten-thousand strong.
One day his mailbox will be filled with screams.
One day they will forget, and go elsewhere.
One day this blog will be forgotten.
One day. I promise.
One day. But not this.


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