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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Habamus Blogam

Not trying to write the old boy off prematurely or anything, but all the kerfuffle today puts me in mind of the last time? I was the lone catholic in a crowd of militant protestant apprentice boys: all of them cheering and jeering and pointing at me that morning, where it had just been announced that John Paul I had passed away, a mere couple of days after his acendency. How they marched around the workbenches that day, singing The Sash as they went.

A commenter writes to this BuzzMachine post:
I don't know what kind of role the blogosphere plays or even can play in something like this. It seems to me that even if he were to pass away, the nature of the Conclave would prevent any information other than pure speculation to be traded.
I'm sorry, but his conjures rather irreverent and inappropriate images of Cardinals sneaking around Conclave with their Treo's hidden up their sleeves, trying to find a hotspot so they can blog it first.


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