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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Lower than low?

Powerless, toothless, utterly useless and denied any meaningful power they may be: but elected Democrats will always have we smokers to fall upon.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 (UPI) -- The major pieces of legislation approved by U.S. lawmakers this week highlight how there is typically a host of unadvertised and surprising provisions in laws approved by Congress, particularly in the large, must-pass pieces of legislation.


Another unadvertised provision in the intelligence-reform bill would ban butane lighters from being carried into the passenger section of commercial aircraft.

Lighters would join the existing list of banned items in flights on airlines, including scissors, box cutters and penknives. Such items can only be checked on airplanes.

Democratic Sens. Wyden and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota pushed for the provision, which takes effect 60 days after President Bush signs the legislation.
I'll smoke and extra pack today in their honor. Maybe they'd even like to join me - they clearly have nothing better to do?

[Hat tip: Steve Clemons]


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