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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Funny, isn't it, how you often cannot help yourself being drawn to things you know you ought to hate? Like Fox reality shows: try to avoid them you might, but there will always be that one time you get snared? Happened the other night, trapped watching an awful lady, a fervent, evangelical, tub-thumping Vegan, wife-swapped to an unfortunate cajun family who farm gators on the bayou for a living. <aside type="curious">I'm pretty sure that the uncle who turned-up for the disastrous tofu barbecue features on a great wee documentary that runs on Sundance, the one about people who live in odd homes? He's the one lives on a houseboat in the middle of a swamp...</aside> She really was obnoxious, on so many levels - zero-tolerant, preachy, utterly condescending, and ultimately utterly selfish too - that I'm sure she was chosen to give Californians a bad name? She embodied the worst of those know-best tree-hugging vegan liberal California sterotypes. Ugh. Her Lousiana counterpart, on the other hand, at least tried to adapt to circumstance by cooking her faux-family a vegetarian gumbo. They were, naturally, disgusted by it. They spent the remainder of the week trying to convert her to Vegianity, but to no effect thank God.

Made me want to eat goat more than anything? I almost did couple of weeks ago while vacationing in New York - but the prospect of a really fine vindaloo proved too powerful - just can't find a decent curry round here, and I miss them. I've wanted to try goat since early boyhood, a consequence of watching "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" on Saturday mornings, but until that restauraunt in NYC, had never found it anywhere? If the market is growing, as Drezner claims, then maybe it'll find its way into Vons at some point, and from there to the barbecue grill?


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